Why this competition?

The basic aim of the competition is to encourage emerging literary talent among our students. We chose the specific theme of borders on account of our current research activities. These are centered on the predominance of borders in the Anglophone world ranging from historical, political and cultural issues to more literary and aesthetic questions. What is a border? Where are borders? How do they  “work” or function? What do they  mean ? These are some of the basic questions we have been researching into concerning the ambiguous role and use of borders.

It is hoped that writing stories about borders might just provide an alternative and creative approach to understanding the complex phenomenon of borders in today’s world and, thereby, promote fruitful links between the academic world of research and the artistic world of creation.


Before you submit your story, please read the Competition Rules.


Terms and Conditions

1. The competition is open to writers of any nationality writing in English but who must be registered students in the University of Strasbourg, for 2017-2018. (Licence, Masters, Doctorate)

2. The deadline for entering a story is 30 June 2018.  Stories  may be entered in one of the following categories:

• Native English speakers.

• Non-native English speakers

(Students who consider themselves bi-lingual should enter the appropriate native English speakers’ category).

• The story must deal with the theme of borders. Authors are free to write about any aspect of this theme - physical, natural, political, historical, social, linguistic, bodily, cognitive, imaginary, visible, invisible, symbolic, etc…

• Entries must be fiction, in English, double-spaced, in a legible font size (12 point is fine) and in narrative form. Poetry and plays will not be considered.

• The word limit is strictly 1800 words, to include the title

• Stories will only be accepted in .pdf format via our website

• Judging is anonymous. Only the name of your story is to be included in the text of the story.

• Selections from the winning stories will be uploaded onto the SEARCH website

• The writer retains all rights to her/his story.

• The story must not have been published previously.

• The winners will each receive a sponsored prize from one of the city’s bookshops and will be invited to read his or her story at SEARCH’s October conference on Saturday 6th October 2018. (For details, see our website)

For any questions or queries, please write to ross@unistra.fr


Next, fill out the Entry Form and attach your short story, which can be no longer than 1800 words in length and MUST be in PDF format.

* Champ(s) obligatoire(s)